Great results of the Blue Online platform during EURO 2020

High viewership and a quick increase in viewers are not a problem for the VOD platform created and serviced by PROEXE.

While Italians celebrate their victory in the most important European football tournament, one of the biggest TV capital groups in Poland - VECTRA is celebrating the great viewership of Euro 2020 matches and the excellent technical preparation of their platform made by PROEXE.

VECTRA customers can be satisfied - during the biggest European football tournament, when some operators failed, VECTRA recipients could watch all matches without any disturbance. High viewership and a quick increase in viewers were not a problem for the platform created and serviced by PROEXE. During the Poland - Sweden match, when the number of viewers increased rapidly, the platform autoscaled very quickly. Even 3-fold increases in viewers in a very short period of time were not a problem, as shown in the attached chart.

In addition, Poland and Malaysia were the only countries where all matches played as part of EURO 2020 were broadcasted in 4K quality. One of the Polish operators who could choose to do it due to the functionalities of their platform was VECTRA. VOD / OTT Blue Online platform - proprietary solution of PROEXE, on the basis of which the VECTRA platform is built, has many functionalities, including 4K image quality. All this proves the high quality of the products created by the PROEXE team and that they set the highest standards on the VOD / OTT market.

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