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During cooperation with Proexe, Telgani gained the leader position in Saudi Arabia and on the United Arab Emirates car-sharing market.


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Project overview

Telgani, as the industry leader in car sharing in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, owes its success to a collaboration with Proexe. Every day, users utilise Telgani's services through native mobile applications for iOS and Android systems. Car reservations are also possible through the website, as well as at kiosks located at airports. Users can choose from daily reservations, multi-month subscriptions, and leasing agreements. Cars are available for pickup at offices or delivered by drivers who also use a special app to know where and which car to deliver.

At the heart of the application is an API, written in PHP and Laravel hosted in autoscaled environment in AWS. Together with myriad of cloud services and external integrations, Telgani provides smooth experience for its clients.

The entire operation is managed through a comprehensive dashboard created with ReactJS. Administrators have access to reservations, a customer issue resolution system, and can process returns, confirm reservations, discuss with other administrators, and edit bookings. Telgani also stands out with its innovative driver's license scanning system, significantly speeding up the customer registration process. All data is processed in-house, without third-party services.

Telgani caters not only to individual customers (B2C) but also to businesses (B2B), cooperating with other companies that need to rent cars, such as insurance companies, mechanics, or corporations. This partnership makes access to car rental easier than ever before.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Push and SMS notifications
  • Multiple payment services integrations
  • Integration with external CRM/Rental systems
  • Driver license scanning technology
  • Extensive reporting and analytics tools and integrations

Success story

I’ve been working with Proexe for three months. The team did great job delivering my apps and website.

Abdul Kader AlMckinzy - CEO of Telgani.com

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